Cattrell Companies, Inc. Renovates the Jefferson County Towers Building

Cattrell Companies Inc, a regional leader within the construction industry, brings to each job the benefits of a one stop shop and the commitment to service and family values the company was founded upon.

No better example of this is the work that they have undertaken on the Towers Building in Steubenville, Ohio. When completed, the Towers Building will once again become a prime piece of real estate serving as a cornerstone to the revitalization of downtown Steubenville.

Initial stages of this project include the coordination of multiple areas as they overhaul many of the major systems including upgrading the building’s electrical system, installing a new HVAC system and replacing piping throughout the building.

Cattrell Companies will not just bring the building up to industry standards but install state-of-the-art systems in combination with products they’ve engineered to upgrade the building as a whole. Once the updates to the major systems have been completed, they will finish off by providing the necessary improvements to the interior aesthetic of the Towers Building.

Vision and seven decades of business experience allows Cattrell Companies to ensure that each project is completed with efficiency, expertise, value and to the highest degree of customer satisfaction.