Power is Found in the Strength of the Team

Jim Rykowski is the HVAC and Service Division Manager at Cattrell Companies in Toronto, Ohio. He’s also an avid backpacker and outdoorsman, but above all things, he’s a fixer.

Jim began his professional career by accident. He had entered Marietta College’s electrical engineering. Also their broadcasting program after studying electronics in high school.

“I was always building something. Thinking I started tearing stuff apart. As soon as someone gave me my first toy. I had this need to know how it worked. Starting to build amplifiers at a very early age, and you could certainly pick me out of the neighborhood. I was the kid riding his 10 speed with a 23 channel CB attached to his bike that ran off a battery charged by the kinetic energy from my tires.”

Once in college, he took a job at a local grocery store. And like most jobs at a grocery store, this one naturally led to a job working in HVAC. 

“The store I worked in was redoing the bakery, and since I had some experience working with electrical and HVAC, I think the owner of the store saw it as a way to save some money. Well, the contractor they usually used was a local guy and one day he came in and asked them who they had contracted with, and they pointed at me behind the counter. The owner asked me if I wanted a job. I took the opportunity, and here I am.”

Jim Rykowski has been with Cattrell for eight years and says it’s interesting how everything has come full circle for him. 

“I started out tearing apart electronic equipment. And I thought that’s what I’d end up doing professionally, but life happened and I found myself working in commercial HVAC. But more and more, you can’t even check a commercial HVAC unit without a computer. It’s all electronics, so I guess, in the end, everything worked out for me.”

Jim has worked for a couple different companies, but says the way Cattrell goes about its business makes coming to work a lot easier.

See Jim’s team in action.

“I love what I do every day, and working with Cattrell makes it rewarding because they do things the right way. We always talk about family values, but it’s true. We are honest.  Doing things correctly the first time. Also we build strong relationships with our clients. I’m not saying every other construction company does things that aren’t on the up-and-up. But I can tell you that I never worry about those tensions at Cattrell Companies.”

The true power of Cattrell, according to Jim, is found in the strength of the team.

“If I’m working on an HVAC project, and I run into an electrical issue, I don’t need to find an electrical guy or go to the project manager or head of maintenance to have them find an electrical guy. I take out my cell phone and I can call our electrical division leader, and he’ll send someone out. There is no competition inside of our company. All we care about is making sure the company gets what they need. As quickly as possible at the highest quality of work possible. That’s what I think working at Cattrell is all about.”

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