“Timet would like to extend our thanks and recognize your employees who noticed a problem with the gaskets in the nitric piping at our Sheet Finishing Department. … JT and Terry are to be congratulated for recognizing and preventing a catastrophic failure. These men are truly craftsmen and professionals in their field.”
Steve Wright,

TIMET Plant Manager

“… If I had a company of my own and needed any piping work done, I would not hesitate to call on your company to do the job. Your electrician, Rick Fisher was here for the #6 plater outage installing a new hole detector. He is an outstanding employee.”
Tom Barnes,

ArcelorMittal in Weirton, West Virginia

Thomas A. Cerra, Executive Director of the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council, says that whether it’s a repair job or new construction, Cattrell provides the personal touch. Cattrell installed a new roof-top unit on the Council’s office in Wheeling, West Virginia. Cerra represents the contractor’s trade association and added:
“As all of our good contractor members, their work performance is outstanding and cost-effective. They’re truly one of the finest contractors around,” said Cerra.
Thomas A. Cerra

Executive Director of the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council

“The recent Sheet Scrubber upgrade was a resounding success. All of the employees, working through difficult conditions, were able to complete all of the tasks with great care and craftsmanship. The electrical, piping and general crafts were able to work together and assist each other when needed in a confined working environment. This cooperation was invaluable to the success of the project. The professional attitude and knowledge of Paul Liggett, Rick Vargo and Brad Burkhead made working with them a pleasure. We look forward to working with Cattrell Companies on future projects at TIMET.”
From a letter jointly signed by Larry Swiger

, mechanical engineer; Greg Antinone, electrical engineer; Randy Kinyo, manager of engineering; and Steve Wright, plant manager, TIMET in Toronto,

Long-term partnerships and repeat business are important to the staff of Cattrell Companies. Our customers know that we strive to please them and meet their business and construction needs.
When Trinity Health System built its new heart center, they chose the professionals at Cattrell Companies, Inc. Dave Nicholson, director of construction for Trinity, has been contracting with Cattrell for over twenty years.

“Conscientious is the best word to describe Cattrell. It’s an excellent company with superior service. Their top-level field people are the best I’ve ever seen,” said Nicholson.“It was totally smooth, with the foremen and supervisors working hand-in-hand with us to lessen disruptions and to maintain the most sterile and safe environment,” said Nicholson. “They don’t take shortcuts and always take the time to do the right thing. Whether it’s extending steel over patient care areas or combining existing plumbing to new, I have a complete comfort level working with Cattrell and their ability to provide excellent work in our business setting.”

Dave Nicholson,

Trinity Health System