Why Should You Choose Cattrell Companies?

Do you want to know why you should work with Cattrell Companies for your upcoming industrial, commercial or public works construction project?

That’s a question we get often. We want to give a few reasons why we believe we’re the company that is best suited to be your complete construction solution.

Cattrell Is Family

Cattrell is, and will always be a family business. It seems like everyone claims that these days, but we truly are.

It was only three generations ago that George W. Cattrell and his sons started Cattrell Companies as a small plumbing company in Toronto, OH. Ownership now lies with his grandchildren. They have carried on that legacy of client care and professional craftsmanship that is a keystone of the Cattrell legacy.

Today, we’re still located in Toronto, OH. However we’ve grown from a small plumbing company into one of the region’s premier commercial and industrial construction companies that can take on and complete any project that comes our way.

We do it built on the values passed along from our grandfather and fathers. We believe integrity, honesty and performing to the best of our ability matter. Cattrell makes sure every member of our team understands this as well.

We take our industry reputation very seriously. Therefore we know that every day we go out to do our jobs is another day that we either strengthen that legacy or weaken it.

Cattrell Is One Company, Many Divisions

Construction companies are increasingly specialized.  Why?  Simply because by specializing in one discipline in construction, the workers hone their skills and become increasingly efficient.


At Cattrell, we believe that because of our history and longevity, you can truly have it all–the very best talent, the advantage of specialization, the most cutting edge tools and safety standards, and a strong client relationship with one company coordination. 

We believe it because we do it every day.

What is the advantage of having all facets of your project handled under the Cattrell umbrella? It gets back to those family values. Our divisions aren’t competing with each other. Project managers don’t need to worry about the concrete guys throwing a fit because electrical is holding them up because all of those divisions are working together to make the most safe, efficient, and quality product in the shortest time possible. When everyone has the same interests, everyone benefits.

We’ve heard over and over again how many headaches are avoided by hiring Cattrell to come in and take charge from start to finish.

Cattrell Gives Honest Quotes for Honest Work

We try to do things the right way the first time, and part of that is setting realistic expectations with honest pricing. We only hire top talent that have proven that they are able to deliver results. In addition exceed normal industry standards. Good help costs more money up front. However it saves our clients a lot of money over time in maintenance and repair costs.

And, be honest, wouldn’t you rather have a real quote in hand instead of a best case scenario? Cattrell has over 70 years in the business, and we know what it will take to get your project done the way you expect it to be.

We like to say that we’re not always the cheapest option in the short term, but are definitely the biggest value over the life of the project.

We know that choosing a construction company for a large industrial, public, or commercial project can be overwhelming and stressful. However, we feel confident that a client will never be sorry that they chose to do business with us.

We have years of experience and countless testimonials from past clients who think enough of our work and the relationship we have to seek us out for new, rewarding construction experiences. In reality, we have very few clients that we talk about in the past tense. We’re just waiting until another project comes around that demands a phone call to our office. And you know what? We’ll be here for you. Contact us today and we can help you.

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